New Beam Shaper Optics For Industrial Materials Processing

28 August, 2014

New Range Of Beam Shaper Optics.

PowerPhotonic continues to expand its range of beam shaper micro-optics for industrial materials processing.  There are options for all laser types including single mode and multi-mode lasers.  Designed in UV-fused silica glass, they are ideal for multi kilowatt high power applications. Greater than 95% intensity uniformity can easily be achieved.

Beam shapers optics can be designed to provide circular, square, rectilinear, hexagonal or line shapes, and homogenize the beam (flat top) or provide a custom intensity pattern according to the specific requirements of the application. Beam shaper optics can be designed as single or dual element PCX/PCV lens arrays, or as field mappers, which directly map from input to output without homogenization.

PowerPhotonic has also published a new white paper on laser beam shaping for industrial applications, showcasing its new PRIME beam shaper technology for low M2 laser sources.  To download the white paper, click on the link. PowerPhotonic-White-Paper-Laser-Beamshaping-for-Industrial-Applications-1.0.pdf