Laser Optics - PowerPhotonic Develops Revolutionary New Technology

2 May, 2014

PowerPhotonic Has Developed Revolutionary New Technology For The Fabrication Of Freeform Wafer-scale Optical Components In Silica Glass. 

This technology, based on laser direct-write micromachining, offers ground-breaking opportunities for the design, manufacture and supply of unique products that can transform the performance of a wide range of optical systems from acceptable to outstanding.

This technology is exemplified by PowerPhotonic’s LightForge™ rapid fabrication service.  LightForge™ allows optical designers to create their own completely bespoke optical surface and have the fabricated part shipped in as a little as 2 weeks.

PowerPhotonic has published a white paper on this new service in conjunction with Electro Optics, a  leading resource for engineers involved in photonics business, technology and applications.  To download the white paper, click on the link.

- See more at: PDF iconPowerPhotonic Ltd White Paper Laser Micromachining_131224.pdf