June 2013 – See us at DEPS, Santa Fe

12 June, 2013

PowerPhotonic Inc. to Attend Advanced High Power Lasers Meeting in Santa Fe.

World leader in precision laser micro-optics uses industry leading event to highlight range of high performance micro-optics

Pleasanton,  CA, 12 June 2013 – PowerPhotonic Inc. will be highlighting its latest micro-optics for optimizing laser diode performance at the Advanced High Power Lasers meeting, hosted by the Directed Energy Professional Society in Santa Fe, USA from 25 – 27 June 2013. (http://www.deps.org/DEPSpages/AHPL13.html)

The Directed Energy Professional Society sponsored event is one of the most important technical conferences covering Free Electron Lasers, Gas Lasers, Solid State and Diode Laser Technology.  PowerPhotonic is a world expert in the design of laser machined micro-optics and is an ideal partner for many of the companies in this sector of the market.  PowerPhotonic will be attending the exhibition and highlighting its latest range of standard and customisable micro-optics, which are particularly suited to improving the performance of laser diode bars and stacks, fibre-coupling of diode lasers and beam shaping of high-power laser beams.

Jason Alexander, PowerPhotonic Inc.’s new North America head of operations commented, “the US defence industry is one of our biggest markets and it is therefore important that we are effective in reaching the key players in the business.  The Directed Energy Professional Society event is particularly important in allowing us to touch base with our existing customers, but also to connect with new potential clients who have an interest in optimising system performance using our high performance micro-optics.

About PowerPhotonic – “Enhancing Beam Performance”

PowerPhotonic is a global leader in the design and manufacture of precision micro-optics.  Our business was founded with the objective of providing unsurpassed excellence in all aspects of micro-optics product realization for laser applications.   Our world-class design skills are supported by an innovative and flexible manufacturing process that allows the company to design both a broad range of state-of-the art industry standard laser micro-optics products and, uniquely, to offer a low cost rapid fabrication service for creating completely freeform optical surfaces.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in the United Kingdom, the PowerPhotonic engineering team has developed many unique technologies that allow the company to produce a wide range of precision micro-optics that cannot be economically produced by using traditional glass molding or machining techniques, with higher efficiency, superior performance and increased functional integration.

Our focus today is on providing solutions for diode laser and high power laser applications, principally for the materials processing, medical systems, optical communications and defense industries.  In addition, as experts in micro-optic technology and supported by our unique fabrication process, we are well-positioned to create products that solve many of our customer’s real world problems, problems that cannot easily be addressed using traditional manufacturing techniques.  This means that PowerPhotonic is uniquely positioned to meet the challenge of delivering world-class solutions for ever higher brightness, more power-efficient and more compact laser applications.